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“Matrutva” is a revolutionary offering for “would be mothers” through purificatory rites of Garbhasanskar that sanctify the life of an individual. It is impregnated with the richness of our ancient wisdom and knowledge integrated with the scientific research based practices for an outstanding offspring and a graceful motherhood.

Life Coaching

Through this journey of coaching, we will support and help you achieve your goals by questioning you, equipping you with powerful tools and techniques to move through your fears and reservations, pushing your limits and holding you accountable for your actions. As a coach, our role will be to challenge you to make strong, positive choices in your life.

Seminars, Workshops, Trainings

This is a wonderful platform to share knowledge and wisdom to inculcate thought leadership and better themselves in important areas of life. It is for anybody who want to raise the bar for themselves.

The Higher Realm

It is a podium of Health, Healing and Happiness where you can discover deeper meaning of life. You shall be able to realign yourself to a state of harmony and experience fulfillment around and inside you. It will open up new doors and paths to walk through so that you again fall in love with your life and maneuver it for your Highest Path and Purpose.

Why Mohua Life Sciences?

Because, we have been the source of prodigious inspiration to enrich and empower lives of multitude of people. Over a brief period, we have created a significant difference in many people’s lives and instilled a sense of renewed happiness and hope. We help in ‘Re-Designing the lives’ of people and call ourselves the Co-Designer who has a shared Goal of your success. Driven by Deep Spiritual know-how and Proven and Powerful techniques like NLP, Psychometry, Hypnotherapy, Behavioral dispositions, Kinesiology, Quantum theory, Yoga Sciences, Music Therapy, etc to feel the difference REAL-TIME.


Awards and Accolades

Ishma World Foundation, Feb'16

Asia Pacific World Congress, Sep'17

CSR Award, Nov'17

Future Women Leader Summit, Mar'18


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