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This program has highly benefited multitude of pregnant women. Some of the direct benefits include : • Profound positive impact on mother’s well being resulting in healthy pregnancy • At physical level it improves flexibility, stamina and mobility and helps smooth delivery, increases chances of normal delivery by 86%. • Reduces the labor duration by almost 70% and helps in delivery with less pain. • Internally, it strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body. • Mentally it relaxes the mind and aids in eliminating stress and anxiety • The benefits of these practices helps in relieving fluid retention in the body, influences the position of the baby, helps in reducing morning sickness, nausea and mood swings, helps in restoring the uterus and abdomen faster, eases breast feeding , etc. • Certain techniques calms the body and the mind by proper functioning of endocrine system of the body. • Helps produce a healthy baby with > 3kgs weight and increased APGAR score You will experience a host of indirect/side benefits too like: Better focus at work, Improved relationships in family, lesser expense on medicine and pharmacy, savings in case of normal delivery vs C-section, prevention of any other health related complications and the list goes on.
This offering is not a cost or expense if you realize the worth of it. It is an investment that you are making on yourself for your health and happiness and most importantly for your baby. You now have a CHANCE to write the golden future of your baby while it is in the womb itself. Since ancient times it has been known that the child in the womb adopts impressions from its surroundings and the behavior of its mother and starts learning things. New scientific discoveries are revealing that the nine months spent in the womb profoundly affect a baby’s health and well-being. Think about the savings in medicine and hospital costs which could be saved if you have a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery. Think about your child growing up to be an intelligent, happy, confident individual assured of success. The best schools and best support may not work as much as during the formative stage of life. Do you still consider this as an expense?
This program is structured to be a 2.5 months journey with you although the association remains to be for lifetime . • It has 10 sessions spread across 10 weeks on every Sundays. • The first (1st) and last (10th) sessions are for couples, rest for the lady alone. • 1.5 hrs per session every Sunday (10-11.30am) • These are workshop based Face-to-Face sessions • Some practice at home required; precise and instructions will be given along with some recordings, etc. for the whole week. • Continuous help & support provided
Well, its God’s plan that the baby is born only after its full-term of nine months in the womb. Can you make this happen faster? Can the crops be harvested before time? Everything in nature takes its own time. Therefore, we have timed this program after careful analysis for the most optimum time that is required to get maximum benefit. It can be more but not less than 2.5 months. Some clients are interested to know if they can repeat, which is definitely a good idea and we encourage you but leave the decision to you.
This is a complete workshop-based program where it is important that you are physically present to take full advantage of the program. You would appreciate that the energy and vibration around is highly welcoming and positive here which has greater impact on you. However, we do understand that there may be situations which is unavoidable and for those cases, we can provide you the access to the recordings of the missed sessions so that you do not miss on anything. We expect that you would learn and do them in a self-paced manner.
Like I mentioned before, the program has complete workshop-based, practical sessions so that you get the maximum advantage. We do not recommend remote/app-based sessions for the simple reason that it is highly personalized for each client. Apart from the pure and positive ambiance where combined energies have exponential impact, you get personalized attention here. Our faculty/therapists know your requirements and suggest you accordingly. In case you are not comfortable with a asana or any other practice, you will be advised appropriately if you are in the presence of your therapist as they are experts in this field. Doing on your own can have some risk involved too.
Your health and well-being is our top-most priority and we believe if your gynaec or doctor has asked you for bed-rest or not to indulge in specific activities, there must be reasons for it. Therefore, you should oblige that advise. What we provide is a complementary wellness service to make your pregnancy and child-bearing process better and more graceful with some tangible benefits and physical and mental levels. But there could be certain medical conditions which may not allow you for certain activities and your doctor can best advice on that. Having said that, Matrutva program has no adverse implications as such and is known to only help you during your pregnancy.
The Matrutva program is ideal for pregnant women between 12-32 weeks of gestation. For a woman to know about the pregnancy takes around 6 weeks or so and thereafter in India, usually the news is not revealed to many people outside unless 12 weeks are over. Moreover, utmost care is taken during that time and it takes sometime for her to settle with that feeling. Hence we have kept 12 weeks as entry but this is not a hard criteria and someone can join even in 8-10 weeks. We have considered 40 weeks as full-term and therefore, the woman coming as late as in 32 weeks can also take advantage of at least 8-10 sessions. For people who have their delivery dates closer, like 2-3 weeks, they do not have much time left and so we recommend they focus on only few breathing techniques and meditation for peace and inner joy. These can be procured from us as products.
Congratulations on your second pregnancy. Being a mother myself, I can totally relate to your Both your husband and older child can take advantage of that in case they want to.