Seminars & Workshops

These are an integral part of the services and offerings. This is a wonderful platform to share knowledge and wisdom with not only the people who are challenged by life situations and feel victimized but equally helpful for anybody who want to raise the bar for themselves. Driven by Proven and Powerful techniques of NLP, Psychometrics, Behavioral dispositions, Hypnotherapy supported by profound spiritual know-how to feel the difference REAL-TIME.

It promotes self-development and takes the person to new heights of life instilling a strong sense of EMPOWERMENT.


Bangalore, India

Date With Yourself helps in Re-designing your life and gives you another chance to live your dreams and purpose. It's an amalgamation of science and spirituality to help discover your True Self. This is a residential retreat in Bangalore in one of the finest resorts in the lap of nature. These three days would be a transcendental journey where you will go deep inside to know yourself. You will be able to understand what is pulling you back in life and why. How to overcome those limitation and live a life of freedom and joy. The dreams that is still suppressed in some corner of your heart will finally find expression.


Driven by Proven and Powerful techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychometrics, Behavioral dispositions, Hypnotherapy, kinesiology, etc supported by profound spiritual know-how to feel the difference REAL-TIME. Learn from the expert who not only has International certifications and acknowledgements but also has 17 years of rich professional experience.

  • Connect with ‘Who am I” and go experience the process of unveiling your purpose of life by connecting with your Higher Self.
  • Remove negativity, clear past negative imprints/blocks and barriers
  • Forgive yourself and others and jump out of the drama
  • Liberate yourself from the past baggage of pain, hurt, guilt and Anger
  • Explore your strengths and experience empowerment
  • Gain Clarity about Life as it unfolds to you
  • Reset your mental programming and tap into your maximum potential
  • Get your Charisma and confidence back and live with high self-esteem
  • Achieve your dreams
  • Install these superior programs at subconscious level and in your cellular memory
  • Future pace these integrations and Re-design a Life of your choice

Kormangala,Bangalore, India

Becoming BIGGER and BETTER is totally optional !

It is a power packed program – “Infinite Possibilities”  to help you realize the Enormous Capabilities that you hold and how to live the Life of your Dreams!!

Based upon the concept that “Self-Creation never ends ….”

You plunge into the depths of your ‘Being’ totally and completely keeping aside all those daily chores. It’s an absolute confidence booster planned meticulously to increase self-awareness and walk past those fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.

Come achieve what you want in life through the Life changing science of the MIND…..

Lead from Within

(Leadership Development Program with an edge of Neuroscience)

Bangalore, India

“Leadership is a CHOICE to rise above and seek direction.”

Leaders are those who choose—who make conscious decisions to intervene in the mundane routine of daily life—to make their situation, and the situation of others, better. Leaders are those who ask, “How might we improve this situation?” or, “Could we consider doing this another way?” Leaders act out of the recognition of need and the conviction that they can make a difference within their sphere of influence regardless of the titles or position.
The differentiator – Inclusion of the powerful interventions of Neuro-Linguistic programming along with the Key Leadership ideology and concepts will help make permanent impressions at unconscious levels of your mind. These would then become your automatic behavior generator leading to make better decisions and choices with utmost clarity both professionally and personally.
Themes that will be covered:

Manage Your Inner Self

• Leadership Self-assessment exercise
• Reframing mindset and understanding individual perspectives
• Uncovering beliefs systems and changing them for growth, resilience and achievement.
• Ability to manage mental states and the importance of shifting negative emotions.
• Motivation and elimination of procrastination.
Manage your Outer world
• Increasing one’s ability in influencing people by utilizing the different sensory filters.
• Connecting with people effectively, developing the skills to efficient questioning, listening and feedback.
Vision into Reality
• Creating the vision, how to set and stay on track with achieving the Goals
• Bringing vision into action
Grow and Expand
• Resolving any remaining inner conflict
• Harnessing mindset to go beyond what’s achievable
• Clearing of assumptions that may lead to limited performance

Target audience – This is for Leaders or aspiring Leaders wanting to raise the bar for themselves and their organizations. Typically for mid – senior management professionals.

• After attending the workshop/training, you should be having good understanding about People, Perspectives and Strategies for Growth.
• You should be able to implement the same in your teams and across the roles you play in the organization.
• Develop the ability to manage self and operate out of a resourceful state.
• Have clarity about your goals and related action steps to achieve them smoothly.