• The modern-day challenges, life situations and lack of awareness is causing significant risk to maternal health and also impacting the new-born child. Maternal health is a great concern today and if we don’t act fast it may be too late and sometimes the damage done is irreversible. We have been doing surveys, speaking to young couples and expectant parents and conducting interviews and inferences from these pointed that it was NEED OF THE HOUR.
  • Many of my therapy clients regressed back to the time when they were in the wombs of their mother.
  • Would-be parents and elders feel helpless unable to instill GOOD VALUES (sanskars) in their children.
  • Children today are NOT HAPPY - succumbing to life situations

All this CALLED FOR ACTION and propelled us to do something about this.


  • Our team constitutes of distinguished, award-winning people who have proven expertise in their field of work with over 40 years of collective experience. Our work has been acknowledged on various prestigious platforms and we share the singular vision of serving the society.
  • Our purpose is bigger than who we are. Our attempt is to make the world a better place by helping the expectant mothers in instilling ‘good values’ in their children while it is in the womb by reviving the ancient tradition of garbhasanskar.
  • Over a brief period, we have created a significant difference in many people’s lives and instilled a sense renewed happiness and hope. Our programs had been deeply recognized by hundreds of people which is projected through their heartful appreciations, feedback and gratitude.
  • Excellence, Respect, Care, Dedication, Passion and Integrity are the foundational pillars at Mohua Life Sciences.

The beauty of the Matrutva program is such that it is curated and interweaved by experts on some of the most transformational modalities like:

  • Neuroscience and power of sub-conscious mind
  • Spirituality and Meditation
  • Yogic Sciences
  • Therapeutic Music

No other antenatal program today provides such holistic coverage with profound benefits.

Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for any medical treatment and please take advise from your medical practitioner for attending the program.